CS50 Sandbox

temporary programming environments for students and teachers

with support for these environments

  • Bash, using bash
  • C, using clang or gcc
  • C++, using clang++ or g++
  • Erlang, using erl
  • Flask, using flask
  • Go, using go
  • Haskell, using ghc or ghci
  • HTML, using http-server
  • Java, using javac and java
  • Lua, using lua or luac
  • Node.js, using node
  • OCaml, using ocaml
  • Octave, using octave, largely compatible with Matlab
  • PHP, using php
  • Prolog, using prolog
  • Python, using python
  • R, using R
  • Ruby, using ruby
  • SQLite, using sqlite3

Environments are based on cs50/sandbox, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04. Email sysadmins@cs50.harvard.edu to request others.

Empty file(s) to create and open in tabs, one per line. You can also create (empty or non-empty) files later via terminal window, text editor, or upload.
To distinguish it among recent sandboxes.
For example, apt install -y figlet. Can also be a multi-line Bash script.
For example, python, to replace shell with interpreter. Default is bash.
Link to this URL to create this sandbox when clicked, without creating your own first.